Valley Relics is a collection of rare photos, yearbooks, documents, postcards, toys, photo negatives, vintage signs, books, antiques, and artifacts from the 1800s to present, from the San Fernando Valley. The collection is currently housed in North Hollywood, CA. and is available for viewing by appointment. Tommy Gelinas, a valley native born in Burbank, CA, founder and curator of the Valley Relics collection, through dedication and perseverance has made this collection one of the largest pertaining to the valley.

Valley Relics continued quest to find artifacts and preserve our history has become a life's obsession. Due to the ever deteriorating history of the San Fernando Valley, Our mission is to collect and preserve not only relics and artifacts, but the memories of the valley that are too easily lost and forgotten to the test of time.

Valley Relics has put together a traveling museum for education and awareness of the rich history of the San Fernando Valley. One of Valley Relic's goals is to find a permanent location to showcase and exhibit our history, as well as produce educational books and videos.

To schedule an appointment to view the Valley Relics collection please email

To book the Valley Relics traveling museum for events please call 818.521.5646